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A Shopping Guide into the Markets of Seoul

enjoy the experience of shopping.

What if you are told one morning that the whole world is your shopping pavilion for one day, and you may choose your shopping destination. What would you choose? Apart from a few of the rambling shopping destinations in the known world, let's focus our attention to the east, and let's say Seoul. So, suppose you book your first class flights to Seoul.

There can be a prime period for heading to Korea. Even if you cannot catch the blooming Sakura, you can enjoy the experience of shopping


source :https://www.pinterest.com/

source :https://www.pinterest.com/

Well, this is a true haven for shopping. You can spot, buy and purchase everything, not only in one outlet, but plenty. This shopping arcade is made up of thriving streets that are merging into each other, in the shape of a skeleton of a fishbone. Though this may not be the only place, but most of the collection is gathered together in one place, and this is the one.

What can you buy? There are Lotte Departmental Stores, Etude House, Shara Shara, The Face Shop, The Saem and lots and lots more. Marvel at several international brands that have created a wave and a name among the ardent shoppers and buyers. Several traders book business flight tickets to Seoul from UK and build their business marvellously.
The greatest fun in this place are the bustling street stalls as they sell everything from baby shoes, food items, electronics, DVDs, wigs etc. These shops start their sale from 3-5pm.


source :https://www.pinterest.com/

source :https://www.pinterest.com/

What will I find here: This is the den for edgy, stylish and trendy shoppers as well as youngsters. Apart from the glitzy shops, there are clubs, pubs, food joints, street-side activities, street-side parties and much more. The place comes alive right after dark. The 3CE Store is also located here! Dare to step in?

Noraebangs is a much-visited place in this locality. As you walk, you can admire the glass window and see people performing with their songs and musical instruments, and even dancing.


source :https://www.pinterest.com/

source :https://www.pinterest.com/

What will you get here: Sinchon is trendy, but quite affordable, much cheaper than things at Hongdae, as well as heads the mainstream of the latest fashion trends. There are plenty of shoe stores where you can do some amazing bargaining. There are several beauty stores that are somewhat similar to those located in Myeongdong. The famous Ewha Women's University can offer an amazing time as you look around the captivating campus. Book premium economy flights to Seoul and enjoy a memory for a lifetime.


source :https://www.pinterest.com/

source :https://www.pinterest.com/

What can you shop for: This is the place full of shopping malls that have the same concept of buildings as to 6-9 floors of stores that are arranged according to product categories.

Ladies Apparel - 1st-3rd Level
Men's wear - 4th Level
Bags and Shoes - 5th Level
Other Accessories - 6th Level

There are abundant malls but, the notable ones are Hello APM, Doota, Migliore. Here you can get the best deals for an amazing value for the money you spent, when you fly in with Seoul flight tickets.

Few Shopping Tips:

  • Carry cash as these shoppers mostly take cash and give you things in a lower price than the price listed. There are ATMs if you run out of cash.
  • Search around before you buy. There is a huge amount of things that you can take in, but you can get the same stuff in other places too.
  • Try to bargain moderately. A price of around KRW 5,000 is somewhat reasonable. Anything more than that, can sweep off the ground beneath your feet.
  • Be polite with everyone around, especially with shopkeepers when they quote the price, never give that grim look. Just wear your backpack, say thank you and walk away. If you are lucky enough, you will get it.
  • Get you own shopping bag. You will surely shop a lot!

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